Dear Ted:

I have not tested it ‘in anger’ against Covid, but I take it along with other supplements suggested by Pat and Dick who are personal friends and speak at my conferences. I have never felt better.

Thank you for your customer care, concern and compassion. You kept us all briefed with progress in sourcing your product and it was very tender and personal.

I wish you well and good luck with your business.

With warmth, love and compassion

Clive Corry


"As a clinician-scientist in the areas of internal medicine, hematology, oncology and regenerative medicine, I have reviewed and studied many natural products over the years.

Your Fijian Red Mangrove extract has always amazed me with the exceptional quality and excellent efficacy for helping patients with respiratory and pulmonary ailments.

In my practice, I found your product particularly beneficial for patients with asthma, pneumonia, TB, COPD, and even with palliative effect in patients with lung cancer, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis.

Recently, I helped establish the E.J. Corey Institute of Biomedical Research (CIBR) in China (Professor Corey of Harvard University is the 1990 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry), and I am the director for the center of excellence for translational medicine there.

Ted, it has been our common vision and passion to initiate a public health campaign in China targeting respiratory and pulmonary health in light of the severe air pollution and smoking. Using CIBR as a platform, it will be quite a privilege to initiate such a campaign in China with you and your Respigard® team."
David Jin, M.D., PhD, Staten Island, New York



Dr. Carroll conducted a study on patients with Colds/Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in his Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Institute.

"Each patient presented with at least two of the typical symptoms of the common cold . After just 48 hours, 79% of patients exhibited complete resolution of the common cold with no negative side effects reported."
Dr. Scott Carroll, Atlama, Georgia
Founding partner The Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinics


“RespiGard® is a budget-saver, with both of us working and three children in school, staying healthy through cold & flu season is priority #1.”
—A. Colter, Atlanta, GA


“I have Asthma — I won’t let respiratory infections take hold — I am a believer in RespiGard’s® immune support properties and highly recommend it to anyone with seasonal or ongoing respiratory challenges.“
—K. Harvey, New York, NY


"As an herbalist and naturopath with a passion for children's health, I'm always searching for natural options for my own children. I tried Respigard® for the first time with my one-year-old daughter, who was presenting with a runny nose and sneezing. Fearing an allergy to Echinacea, I searched for an option that would help her symptoms as well as her immune system. Within two minutes of giving her the Respigard® her nose stopped running and her sneezing stopped for several hours. The product tasted great so I didn't have to force her to take it, which was also a huge bonus."
Sarah Ernest, Covington, Georgia 


"I have severe asthma and have been using Respigard® for over five years. It has been very helpful in heading off respiratory illness, when I take it at the start of a cold.

If I take it after the cold has taken hold, it will shorten the length of my illness. This has been very successful for me, so much so that now my husband, my daughter, my sister and her family (including grandchildren) are all using Respigard®!"
Pamela Soukup, Sunnyside, New York


"I've used Respigard® for quite a number of years, and have become a proselytizer! If I ever have that scratchy throat or other symptom that says I might be coming down with something, I get started right away adding it to everything I drink! And normally I don't catch a cold. If one sneaks up on me, I get started, and it usually ends quickly. I share bottles liberally with loved ones, particularly those who seem vulnerable to respiratory symptoms, and they all seem to do well with it, and ask for more!"
Key Armstrong, Tybee Island, Georgia


"In my 22 years as a consulting herbalist I have never experienced an herbal produce that works as quickly as Respigard®. Most of my clients tell me they feel relief from respiratory discomfort in less than 30 minutes after the first dose. I have used Respigard® on my son when he had a fever. After dosing him every two hours for six hours, his fever broke. We have used red mangrove ( as Skingard)  for poison ivy and canker sores with instant relief.

My client with COPD tells me it helps him breathe better and my client who usually has eight asthma attacks a year says she has not had an attack since using Respigard®. It is the first thing I turn to for any respiratory and immune distress."
Nicole McDaniel-Richards, Holistic Herbalist, McDonough, Georgia 


"I am a semi-retired woman who is an educational and business consultant. I travel extensively and am exposed to a variety of microbes on aircraft and in schools. When I heard of Respigard®, I was hopeful I had found a travel companion that would boost my immune system and keep me healthy. My routine quickly became taking Respigard® four days before traveling, everyday while on the trip and four days following my trip. I can honestly say that with Respigard® I have stayed totally healthy while being exposed to those pesky travel germs."
Beverly Fisher, Tampa, Florida


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