Respigard®: Celebrating 10 Years in New York


Dear Loyal Clients and New Friends:   

Our leading, independent physician colleagues in New York are recommending that Resigard® be the first line of defense for these existing challenges to respiratory and immune function.  As a result, we are temporarily out of stock and we are accepting "back orders." Of course, new production is underway!   Purchases you make today will be fulfilled in late April... in  accordance with the date on which your order was placed.    

As a precautionary measure, since experts are predicting we will be dealing with these challenges well into 2021,  we recommend you order enough of serve your needs, accordingly.   By pre-ordering now, it helps us plan accurately for harvest and production levels to meet everyone's needs.   

We are honored to serve you and humbled that our  Respigard® and Skingard™ are so highly recommended.

We are proud to have been supporting the respiratory health of 911 First Responders for 10 years.

Thank you to all of our customers and to Willner Chemists, , C. O. Bigelow Apothecaries, Vitahealth Apothecaries for Serving New York with Respigard and Skingard all these years!

All Natural Support for Respiratory & Immune Systems and Optimal Skin Health

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Nature’s Nurse is the first company to re-discover, research & develop red mangrove for the contemporary, natural products wellness industry.  Dr. Ted Anders (USA) and Resina Koroi (Fiji) cooperated to create our sustainable/eco-sensitive, women-centered business to bring you the powerful, gentle, reliable products.  We provide you with USDA/FDA compliant red mangrove products based on the natural plant medicine traditions.    Our clinical observational research has been led by our medical advisors, Dr. Scott Carroll (USA-Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinics) and Dr. Jose Delgado Elvir (USA –Pulmonary Associates of Ocala) and Dr. David Jin (China—GlobocareCorp and USA-Cornell Medical, New York). Continuing our growth, we are expanding our market to China where we are represented by Vionna Zhu, (COO-GlobocareCorp)


When flying...

"We fly a great deal and are always suffering from colds and respiratory infections. After taking your “magic drops” (Respigard®), we are no longer experiencing those infections! We will never again travel without Respigard. Thank you!"

Prince Michael and Princes Christiana Von Habsburg, Vienna and Budapest


Thank you Dr. Ted

"I am a licensed acupuncture physician and doctor of Oriental Medicine. I started using Respigard six months ago when I met Dr. Ted Anders. I was very impressed with the man, his integrity and his commitment to natural health. Since then I’ve used it for patients who have asthma and I have seen some great benefits. I’ve also used it for cases of upper respiratory infections, including in pediatrics. We have seen great results and we highly recommend Respigard for our patients. "

Dr. James McCall Flagler Beach, Florida


Friends & family

"I have used Respigard for a very long time and have always been awed by the way it immediately Help ward off or eliminate colds and upper respiratory issues. I’ve shared it with friends and family… and clients for a long time."

Jan Mariette, Reflexology, Inc. Savannah, GA


Harvest Village Women Inspecting Each Mangrove Cutting


Saving The Planet