Nature’s Nurse, Inc.® is a remarkable vibrant company helping many people. More and more individuals and groups like to be a part of our team because it has several powerful story lines: world exclusivity for producing and providing Red Mangrove — a powerful natural product for nasal and bronchial challenges one would relate with cold symptoms.  Nature's Nurse® supports minority-owned businesses and indigenous people, while promoting the environment and caring for and creating peace for the children around the globe.  We have created a new model for conducting for-profit business that honors and considers all the aforementioned. It is life-and-business sustaining and brings out the best in all we do.



The Fijian society has used Rhizophora mangle for over 100 years as the primary traditional treatment for the common cold and related symptoms. The aerial rhizomes of Rhizophora mangle L (v. r. selala, r. stylosa and r. samoensis) were recommended to Dr. Ted Anders, Resina Koroi and their Nature's Nurse® research team by village herbalists and members of the Biology Department at University of the South Pacific as being the most effective remedy for rapid elimination of head and chest congestion, runny noses, and other typical symptoms of a common cold, as well as other respiratory challenges. In addition, the Fijian society and others around the world have used the extract of Red Mangrove for support of healthy skin.

See the research articles reporting the response of skin to Red Mangrove — now offered as Skingard™ — as the first product of its kind in the world! The reliable impact based inherent anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, and skin tissue rebuilding constituents is remarkable.


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