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Nature’s Nurse is the first company to rediscover, research and develop Red Mangrove for the contemporary, natural products wellness industry.  Dr. Ted Anders (USA) and Resina Koroi (Fiji) cooperated to create a sustainable/eco-sensitive, women-centered business that brings you powerful, gentle and reliable products.  We provide you with USDA/FDA compliant Red Mangrove products based on natural plant medicine traditions. 

Our clinical observational research has been led by our medical advisors: Dr. Scott Carroll (USA, Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinics) and Dr. Jose Delgado Elvir (USA, Pulmonary Associates of Ocala) and Dr. David Jin (Shanghai, China; GlobocareCorp and USA-Cornell Medical, New York).


Red Mangrove Harvest Team in Fiji

To make our products, we prune the plants to stimulate an increase in regrowth of the root system. Our method strengthens the mangroves to ensure their vital coastline protective functions during this era of climate change and rising ocean levels.


Harvest village women inspecting each mangrove cutting:  We developed our generous, timely payment plan for women in coordination with the Fijian Ministry for Welfare, Social Justice and Poverty Alleviation.


Training the harvest teams on proper pruning and propagation techniques:  We have revived an ancient pruning practice and carefully follow researched harvest sustainability guidelines developed with the University of the South Pacific.

Respigard® provides nose, sinus, throat, lung and immune support when you experience seasonal and environmental stressors.  It is a natural, non-toxic wellness solution unlike anything else on the market. Skingard™ provides astonishingly rapid support for healthy skin.  The active ingredient in both products is Red Mangrove (Rhizophora SPP) from the pristine shores of Fiji. The mangrove is extracted and formulated with the cutting-edge technology of our production partner, “Vitality Works,” located in New Mexico, USA.

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