Natures Nurse® is known for...

  • Creating the world's first commercial Red Mangrove® products for respiratory, immune, skin and digestive health
  • Serving thousands of satisfied clients in US, UK, Canada, India and China for 10 years
  • Our exclusive, sustainable Fiji Red Mangrove harvests are done according to traditional propagation practices, while protecting the coastal shorelines and natural fish hatcheries
  • Producing and providing powerful natural dietary supplements and topical lotions including Resigard® and Skingard™   
  • Developing women leaders and being substantially minority and women-owned/managed
  • Supporting indigenous people through coordination with anti-poverty and social justice initiatives
  • Repairing and sustaining coastal shoreline environments
  • Actively encouraging peace and well-being initiatives for the children around the globe

The Fijian society has used Red Mangrove (also known as "Fiji Titi™") for over 150 years as the primary traditional treatment for the common cold and respiratory tract symptoms since first contact with Europeans. Medicinal use of the aerial rhizomes of Rhizophora SPP was "rediscovered" by Dr. Ted Anders, Resina Koroi and their Nature's Nurse® research team through onsite exploration and interviews with village herbalists throughout the Fiji Islands.

They co-founded the Nature's Nurse® companies in Fiji and the US to create the world's first 21st-century Red Mangrove products. Respigardis®, their leading product, has now served tens of thousands of clients in supporting respiratory and immune system function, both short-term and long-term.

In addition, the Fijian society, and others around the world, have traditionally used the extract of Red Mangrove for support of healthy skin. See the research articles reporting the response of skin to Red Mangrove, which is now offered as Skingard™. It is the first skin heath product of its kind in the world! Red Mangrove is now recognized by the International Cosmetics industry as a safe and effective topical ingredient.

The reliable impact of our products is based on the inherent anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, antioxidant, and epithelial tissue-supporting phytochemical constituents in Red Mangrove plants. These phytochemical functions of the compounds in Red Mangrove are extensively reported in peer reviewed journal articles in several countries.



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