Our exclusive lotion supports healthy skin by stimulating new skin cell growth rapidly and provides a unique topical environment for skin cells to flourish.

From the All Natural Wild-Crafted Red Mangrove.

SkinGard and red mangrove are nature’s gift to a healthier humanity. Red Mangroves thrive in a harsh, salt water growing environment by sustaining an amazingly powerful immune system—the effect of which is shared with us when we apply extracts to our skin. There are immense anti-microbial properties inherent in SkinGard’s alkaline red mangrove extract. Our bodies and our immune systems are alkaline based – so, SkinGard is embraced by our immune system, skin tissue, and other organs. Give SkinGard a try today to experience its natural, rapid, support of healthy skin renewal.
Supports healthy skin renewal following environmental, metabolic, or accidental challenges.

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